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Faced with a decision, our brain processes variety of information based on hard data. This is what we know as conscious reasoning. It is the most straight-forward and logical way to explain all the fact used and steps taken in the process.  It also makes it easier to justify the decision to ourselves and others once the decision is made.

But how more often than not do we find ourselves acting without reasoning, just because it feels right. This is the point when we are driven by either emotions or intuition.

Both fall into a category of unconscious reasoning. They influence our judgement and decision-making, but there is a no-so-subtle difference between the two.

Emotion is a psychological state. It is influenced by your mood, temperament, personality or motivation, in general and in a particular point of time.

Intuition, on the other hand, is a subconscious state. This is that little voice in your head nudging you in a certain direction.

Whether you let your brain or gut guide you is a fine balance. But developing intuitive abilities is a worthwhile undertaking.

How To Access Your Intuition (Gut Instinct)

Emotions are important but ultimately unreliable when it comes to making decisions. Many people have made a decision because they felt like they were going with their gut, but it still led them down an unhappy path.

It is important to note the difference between illusion and gut instinct.

Intuition, or gut instinct, is from your divine self.

Intuition is void of emotions and can seem illogical because it comes from your soul, which is more than thought and emotion.

Tapping into your intuitive brain takes practice.

If life is art, then emotions are the paint and your truth is the canvas. Emotions add texture, colour, and flavour to the blank canvas. When there is enough colour on the canvas, it becomes unrecognizable and very difficult to read. The trick then is to be able to see past the colours to your truth underneath.

Meditation is an excellent way to move past emotions and look at a scenario objectively. It is only in this concentrated state of awareness that we can actually tap into our intuition and move forward on our highest path.

The more we practice this state of awareness, the easier we can tap into it at any given time.

We can use this perspective to make decisions and move easily into the flow of things, rather than leading our lives based on thought and emotion. In the early stages of this practice, the “pull” from our soul can feel weak. But as we progress and tap into this feeling more often, the pull gets stronger until it becomes exceptionally difficult to ignore.

Although this advanced stage may sound incredible, it too offers its drawbacks. When you’re living life based on what your soul wants, you cannot dwell for long in distracting activities. You can’t ignore what our soul wants for years on end. You can’t live a comfortable life because your soul pushes you to grow and the only way to grow is to overcome challenges.

So if you do want to tap into your intuition and lead the life your soul wants for you, start by daily meditation. Practice disengaging from the drama and emotional ups and downs of the everyday so that you can find your inner calm. Use meditation as a means of tapping into the space within you that is neutral and looking at the world as your playground.

Source: Collective Evolution



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