Known as the “bonding hormone”, oxytocin plays an important role in the neuroanatomy of wellbeing and intimacy.  It is associated with  various behaviors, including social recognition, pair bonding, orgasm, anxiety, and parental  behaviors.

In this  interaction, the hypothalamus and the pituitary are the “master” glands; the holders of  the crown frequency. The crown releases oxytocin, which ‘bonds’ all the rest of the systems in the body into one cohesive song. The natural state of the glands is interactive harmony – the unity consciousness  of  the crown frequency  – and the individual harmonies of the body come together to help create the song of your life;  how you are feeling, how  your immune and digestive systems are working, what your sexual drives are saying in any given moment in time… This bond is the bond of love.

Ancient Knowledge, Modern Suppression

So many problems in our lives come from not feeling the love that we desire – the love that we desire from our parents, from our peers, from our friends. We want to be in social interactions where we are really bonding, feeling the sense of compassion and support all around. And when we do, when we tune into that unity vibration, we really thrive, we don’t feel like we have as many cravings, we don’t feel lonely, and we don’t resort to  addictions to fill that need for love.

Unfortunately, our ability to tune into the  frequencies in our bodies has become largely dormant in today’s world. Toxins, chemicals, frequencies  and other environmental pollutants have affected the function of  our glands and we have lost access to their  purest functions,  which are  intrinsically linked with our experience of emotions and feelings. Social programming teaches us that it is “adult” behavior to  suppress our  emotional state, and  we end up replacing the “natural and native” functions of our glands with the “programmed version”. We expect  our endocrine system to behave counter-intuitively, and as a result,  our glands act up over time.

Activating the Crown Frequency

Our ‘bliss frequency’  – what we call The Lumen Octave – is the light of consciousness experienced through the full octave of frequencies in the body: the seven frequencies, plus the origin of the octave (the high ‘C’).  When your  instrument is tuned to these frequency,  amazing things happen.  This  is the state where we are most blissful, most beautiful, most thriving and most divine.

To do this we have to expose each gland to its native frequency.  When we start to reintroduce it to its natural frequency, it starts to re-program itself back to its healthy, natural state. With your energy centers balanced, everything becomes harmonized. This happens when we  allow ourselves to experience the natural bond of love; the frequency of our  bliss.  It  guides us  to what supports our being, and to what needs to be healed. For example, if you take a heart that doesn’t know how to experience love.  If  you give it love from all different directions, it is  reminded of its natural frequency and (as science has proven) the body responds by releasing dis-ease and returning to its natural state.

The  crown frequency is associated with the unity consciousness; it is the vibration that  allows you to see your true nature as a part of the universe. To reintroduce it to its natural frequency, give it the  experience of unity and bonding, from all directions. Give it the experience of your bliss.

Sound simple? It is. When you are aligned with your bliss instinct,  you feel good. When you feel good, there is no confusion.