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Any time you go through a paranormal experience, whether in your sleep or in real life, you may ask yourself: “What was that? How real is it? Am I seeing or feeling something others don’t?”

We are all tangled in this conundrum. But what makes some of us unique is realization that both – angels and demons – are watching over you. Go figure which one?

Here are some signs that the Angel side prevails:

      – You have survived one or more accidents, incidents, and/or illnesses that technically should have killed you and may have even killed others involved.
      – Although you likely go through some extremely difficult, hurtful, and/or trying times, you come out better than anyone would ever expect—“smelling like a rose.”
      – You consistently feel as though you are being watched or are not alone, even though you often feel lonely.
      – Cats, dogs, and small children are drawn to you, but seem to fixate their gazes just behind you or over your shoulder, though nothing appears to be there to the naked eye.
      – You often see apparitions, distinct shadows, balls or blips of light, or even figures in your peripheral vision.
      – You sometimes wake up from a sound sleep to find something that appears or tries to communicate with you.
      – You have vivid visions, dreams, or astral travel—which often involve star systems and night skies that don’t resemble ours on earth.
      – You have a deep knowing about various aspects of our energetic universe, even if you haven’t studied them or haven’t read extensively.
      – You are extremely empathic, possibly with heightened intuition or healing gifts, as a result of your genetics and bloodline that have been passed down through many generations of healers, shamans, etc.
      – You love your family of origin, but never felt completely connected, truly related, or that your relatives “get you.”
      – Your days are filled with uncanny signs, synchronicities, and connections—especially when you telepathically ask for them from yourself or from the universe.
      – Despite the fact that you enjoy your solitude and can be quite mysterious, people flock to you for advice and innate wisdom that just seems to flow naturally from you.
      – You or your child exhibits attributes of an Indigo or Crystal.
      – You hear buzzing in your ear, also known as the “downloading” of necessary information and “DNA upgrading” meant to prepare you for the times ahead.
      – Mysterious cuts or marks appear on your body.
      – Your body heals fast and/or differently than other people do.
      – You feel that earth is not your home and that you are an “older” soul.
      – You have found your true twin flame connection and/or numerous soul mates whom you seem to “know” from other times and incarnations.
      – You consciously or unconsciously remember times in this life when an entity visited you in the comforting form of a deceased loved one, a religious figure, or other pleasant being.
       You have extreme highs and lows in your moods and experiences, with almost no middle ground. You have experienced more in your years than most humans do.
      – Your trials, tribulations, and/or loneliness seem to have occurred so that you can genuinely relate to others and effectively help other people when they experience devastation, confusion, or need especially in our uncertain world.
      – As we head into the shift of consciousness, you feel even more connected to the energy around you, and an intense desire to help humans and our planet move forward—so that you may eventually return “home.”

If many or all of the characteristics listed above apply to you, then you are likely surrounded by one or more entities at all times. While they may not help you win the big lottery, they are here to protect you and ensure that you are here to serve your purpose.

Source: The Open Mind



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